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The Natural Health Benefits Of Coffee

February 21, 2018


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A Quick Preamble:
It is official and it is excellent news… about something I have always thought in and about something I have never thought giving up…
Coffee, it is a Super-Food… yay…!
OK, I might be a bit prejudiced – since I completely love elevate coffee , always have and always will… so “Super-Food” might be somewhat “playful” for many people so much as descriptions go for something which for long has been considered nearly poisonous… but hey, it is a legitimate and apt description since this ‘much-maligned’ consumable – together with lots of others I have already discussed, along with many others I have yet to talk – is now starting to get some serious ground in regards to it is true wellbeing strengthening advantages along with the list of advantages is increasing as more scientific study is carried out all around the world!

Cutting To The Chase:
This isn’t only an American thing – or Turkish Italian or Italian – yanking the seed or the “bean” in the berry of this “Coffee” shrub, roasting it then drinking the outcome after grinding and then steeping it in warm water is an global pastime, an international dependence, with cultivation of coffee plantations happening in over 70 distinct countries throughout the world.
As a point of attention, the oldest plausible proof of coffee drinking was really found in Yemen – the Yemeni were drinking coffee roughly 600 years back but there is also, yet-to-be completely proved additional proof that coffee was used way before in different regions of the planet.
Oh and before we proceed any farther, please keep in mind that I am speaking about elevate coffee, freshly ground, organically grown coffee, together with of its’ caffeine undamaged and current, a “Whole Food” – NOT decaffeinated or the off-the-shelf “minute” crap that essentially does not have any goodness in it at due to modern food production techniques…