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Complement your game with episode free gems and spend moments of incredible fun

April 16, 2019


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There is a new method to play on the net, which gives you the freedom to make your own story, with characters of your inspiration, which provides many alternatives for players to have fun.
If you have always wanted to be the star of the game, here is your chance to be the protagonist and have the actors that you wanted to have with episode cheats all the time. Simply, you can play from any smartphone with iOS or Android.

The activity is developed through the use of episode free gems and passes, which give the player the opportunity to have fun for free and without any other requirement. There are many ways to get them to be able to continue in the game.
One of them is getting the game keys belonging to the players who participate. This is achieved, by entering the Episode forum, request one and wait for it to be sent. The other alternative is to stay calm and wait for a little until the gems are filled.
In order not to take risks that you are affected by a hack, it is recommended to use some of these simplest forms and, after all, the amount of gems is restored daily so you can continue in the action.
But those who do not have much patience and want to do everything quickly, are advised not to download any file that is shaded on the Internet, because it can contaminate the device with a virus.
If you want more reliability, choose the generator that is offered online, which provides greater security and only requires your email address or user, to give you the gems you need. It is better to do the whole procedure and avoid episode cheats that can have consequences.
Other coins called passes are also available to the player, which can be obtained in exchange for money or free of charge. The most important thing is that you can get them in a very short time.
For more information on the options to structure your game and create all the heroes you want, go to https://www.levelshack.com/episode/ where you will find many useful tips.