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Body armour- types which are widely used

March 26, 2018

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If you’re unacquainted with the body armour, then let us explain how it is actually protective clothing, the main purpose associated with designing is to protect the human body. Many times you have seen the defense force to wear out at the time of a few emergency which usually protect these from the principal points and even from the 3 harmful episodes. As the interest in this battle suits increasing most companies started making this armour plus they are even wanting to add a lot of other features which make it more dependable to use. This kind of competition in the market brings out the different sorts of the armour in the market.
Here in this article, we are going to show you a number of the types which can be widely in use:

Kevlar as delicate armour vests
It’s made up of the tightly woven which is a real strong fiber. This actually designed to protect the body from the small arms fireplace attacks. This kind of the armour is there inside great use at present. These are lightweight shield which makes them suitable to wear every day. This type of armour is security in wearing, however they are not much efficient and not behave as a bulletproof in the technical terms. The nearest attack can harm this battle suits.

Hard ballistic dishes
If you’re trying to find a better option compared to hard ballistic can there be in option. It adds much defense to the entire body of the wearer. The one who would wear can stay protected from the heavy attacks. This particular armour will be even really heavy meaning it creates fluctuations and uncomforting. Someone who wears it can’t cross the mobility alternatives. This is gun resistant battle suits that’s why it is used in the armed forces a lot more.
These types of the bulletproof vest were made from the different materials which is analyzed and then comes in use in making the battle suits.

Body armour – The important of the protection industry

February 5, 2018


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Nowadays in many cities of the world, many members of the different security bodies patrol the streets without having enough protection or wearing the least clothing for their personal safety. Some avoid it because of the discomfort of wearing something that generates heat or is very heavy, but others are for the most common cause; due to the lack of endowment on the part of the institutions in charge and, ultimately, to provide low-quality products that are less durable.

The use of bullet proof vests in some professions is essential since the use of this element can lead to saving human lives.

The bulletproof vest or body armour is a protective garment on the back, designed to absorb and deflect the impact of a projectile by firearm and attack with a knife. The material of this garment is of high density so that they can protect the vital organs. Body armour equipment may also include inguinal guards, shoulder pads, neck and side fenders for added protection.

Fortress Armour is a British company that manufactures the best uk body armour and bulletproof protection for people who practice professions that expose them to situations where they risk their lives due to impacts of projectiles, explosions, and assaults with a knife, this company manufactures the best armour of the United Kingdom, and the most popular stab vest.

Today the body armour has evolved and there are several types on the market, the most common are; the soft armour and the hard armour.

The soft armour is made of highly resistant fibers and is flexible, which allows easy adjustment to the torso of a person. Its appearance is light and can be hidden under clothing, providing limited protection for large caliber bullets.

The hard armour is designed in steel or high-density plastics. The plates are adjusted to the vital organs and are usually used on clothes. The material is not flexible but it resists projectile impacts of great caliber.