Is private network blogging safe?

July 11, 2019


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Well this is a matter of your personal preference because it is proven to be safe to some extent but many professionals have been caught as well. This is never considered a white hat strategy and many white hat professionals never use this strategy to generate the results. I am assuming that you know about the PBN network. In this article I would highlight the consequences that one can face as a result of using this technique because it somewhere falls in between white and black hat strategies and professionals call it as grey strategy. In order to get quick results, many people are using this strategy and it is proven to be working as well because for a short period of time Google does not know it but when it knows it would not only penalize you but would also deindex your website. In a PBN network, you use a number of authenticated and genuine websites to promote a website of your client. Usually all these websites are maintained by the same person and that is why it is known to be as a private arrangement. Public network on the other hand is a very useful and solid way of getting backlinks.

Why people use the private blog network?

As I mentioned earlier, these are the strategies that produce quick results and people are using such a strategy to avoid doing hard work. However, there are some positive impacts of this strategy as well. For instance, when you have to enter a market which I already rich and there is a lot of competition, then you need to make your space and 21pbn is a great way to do that. This is in particular done for gambling websites because these websites are very popular now a days and people are trying to make more money from these websites. 21pbn is a great platform to make your website popular in a couple of weeks.