How to stop restricted numbers from calling you

May 14, 2019


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Each and every time a strange number telephone calls you, you will always be asking yourself “whose amount is this” occasionally the cell phone calls are so frustrating because the caller doesn’t want to tell you their true identity. If you see such a thing or maybe it has been happening to you, it is time to stop it. Those who call using hidden or blocked id always have a strategy. It is sometimes they want to steal, they want to irritate you, they need to obtain valuable information from you as well as they are generally fraudsters. There are ways by which you can steer clear of such situations in the future. Right here of the ways to stop restricted callers

1. Make sure to block the phone number
The first step after realizing that there is something fishy about a phone call is to make sure you have blocked the number. You can also use a phone number blocking feature to stop harassing callers from getting to you. After you have blocked the number, you will never receive a call from that particular number again.
2. Refrain from uninvited calls
You can always add yourself to the “Do not call registry” it will definitely stop any invited sales calls from getting to you. Through this method, you will have prevented so many sales calls that could also be a scam.
3. You can consider filing a complaint
If you have warned your caller, blocked them but they are still calling, it is only best if you consider filing a complaint against the number that has been calling you. That way, you will stop asking questions like ” whose number is this